Try Shooting - by appointment - very limited numbers due to CoVID
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If you are joining us: please arrive about 1045​
Please arrive with a complete NSW Police P650, $50 cash and photo ID

What is smallbore rifle shooting?

As Don Brook eloquently puts it: Smallbore Rifle Shooting is "The exacting sport".

It is enjoyed by many throughout the world - male, female, able bodied and disabled from age 12 to 92!

We use .22 or 5.6mm rimfire ammunition. 


There is very small recoil​ not like you imagine :-)

Our club rifles look a bit like this:



A seasoned smallbore prone shooter geared up and training looks like this:

At Swiss and most smalbore target rifle clubs in NSW, the target is 50m away, and the bullseye (which is all we aim for) is 10.4mm

We also offer Smallbore Benchrest disciplines.  Originally introduced for older and infirm shooters, it has become a discipline in its own right at local and international levels.  Here you are seated at a bench, and most people have telescopic sights...unlike in prone where iron sights are used.










We generally offer "Try Shooting" to allow you to learn about and try the sport on the last Sunday of each month, commencing at about 1100.  We will give you a safety briefing, loan you a club rifle, and give you 1:1 coaching for 25 shots.  All this for a mere $50.

If you would like to try the sport, please use the contact form below....We look forward to meeting you.

This document provides more detail if you are interested in learning:  Beginner Guide to Prone